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    • Christians and Halloween


      Each year as October approaches our nation sets its attention on celebrating Halloween. It is a multibillion dollar industry that affects families in one way or another. In this message Pastor Dar explains the symbols of Halloween and what they mean to us today.

      This message also details why we invest our time, efforts and resources into Hallelujah Night, the safe alternative to Halloween.

    • When the Penny Drops: Your Revelation Moment

      • When revelation comes
      • Why you don’t have
      • Every need has a supply
      • How to increase your believing
    • Why You’re Important to God


      People often think that if God wants something done, He will just do it. As we look at God’s Word, we see that this type of thinking is wrong. From the very beginning of the Bible there is a law of God and man working together. God has a part and man has a part. Every time God desires to accomplish something on Earth, man is involved. In this message Pastor shows us, from the scriptures, how each of us is important to God. This message will bless you.

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