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    • Awake to Righteousness


      We won’t have any better standing with God when we get to Heaven than we do right now.  We are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus…walk like it, talk like it, think like it, believe it, act like it, LIVE LIKE IT! We are blessed because God loves us, not because of our works. God wants us to see ourselves in Him…the way He sees us…RIGHTEOUS!

    • Closing the Door on Fear


      The apostle Paul instructs us as believers to not be ignorant of the strategies the devil uses against us. One of those strategies is to cause Christians to live their lives in fear. The Bible shows us clearly that fear is more than a feeling, it is a spirit. In this series, Pastor Dar examines the subject of fear and how to use our faith in this arena of life. These messages will empower you to close the door on fear in your life and live in the provision of God’s peace, freedom and victory.

    • Divine Connection


      God has called each of us to a specific church and a specific Pastor…if you’re set in a church, are being fed, and are growing…that’s a Divine Connection.  One of the most important connections you have in your life is with your Pastor. In this series, Pastor Dar, teaches you how to get along, live peaceably, and not take offense so that you will not lose your Divine Connection.

    • Divine Health


      There is a difference between obtaining healing and living in divine health. This series reveals that God’s ultimate desire is that His children live in divine health.

    • Sitting in Your Seat of Authority


      Most Christians have a good understanding of what Christ purchased for us on the Cross at Calvary, but few realize the power and authority that has been delegated to us. Following Christ’s resurrection he ascended to Heaven and was seated at the right hand of the Father. The church has been seated in a place of authority and been given power to use for victorious daily living. We are living in a new era and now is the time to sit in your seat of authority and possess all that God has for you.

    • The Book of Revelation


      Rapture Ready

      Disc 1 – The Seven Churches
      Disc 2 – The Rapture of the Church
      Disc 3 – The Seven Seals
      Disc 4 – Question and Answer 1
      Disc 5 – Plagues Released
      Disc 6 – The Anti-Christ and False Prophet
      Disc 7 – Armageddon
      Disc 8 – Question and Answer 2
      Disc 9 – The New Heaven and Earth

    • Using Your Faith


      It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Christian for 1 day or 50 years, this series, “Using Your Faith”, will help you grow and develop in your personal faith journey. Pastor Dar really dives in to YOUR faith supply, getting YOUR faith to grow and YOUR measure of faith, as well as other aspects of faith. This series will bless you.

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